What is the preferred breathable membrane for both diapers and sanitary napkins?

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Faced with the material table of the diaper, some mothers complained that we could not understand, how can we choose a good diaper? So today we will learn about the breathable membranes that are widely used in diapers and sanitary napkins. What excels?

What is a breathable membrane?

The gas permeable membrane is an environmentally friendly functional material for breathable (steam) water (liquid, bacteria, dust). The appearance of microporous gas permeable membranes has been more than 20 years old and has developed rapidly in the past 10 years. China is at an early stage in terms of technology, market and applications.

A polyolefin-based gas permeable membrane obtained by adding an inert filler to a PE or PP carrier, forming a film, and stretching. For personal hygiene products, breathable membranes are an upgraded product of ordinary water-repellent membranes. The gas permeable membrane and the ordinary membrane cannot be simply replaced, and the gas permeable membrane is permeable. In addition to its own material, the process is also very important!

Principle of gas permeable membrane

The principle of the gas permeable membrane is very simple: inorganic + stretching = microporous, in fact, the operation is very particular, only the appropriate size, uniform distribution of micropores is effective. Insufficient stretching and pore size are too small, insufficient stretching and no pore size, and poor stretching and undersize micropores can only be waste.

Effective aperture of breathable film

When the water vapor concentration on one side of the film is greater than the environment on the other side of the film, a humidity gradient pressure difference is formed. This provides the basic conditions for convection of gas (vapor). Due to the formation of convection, the humidity environment on both sides of the film tends to be relatively balanced, which is the basic principle of the gas permeable membrane.

How to choose breathable diapers and sanitary napkins?

The gas permeable membrane is first used as a water-repellent material. The safety of the gas permeable membrane, that is, the water-repellent property is a prerequisite, and the gas permeability can be discussed only under the premise of ensuring safety. Diapers and sanitary napkins have the following characteristics: wide (relatively large), thin (pursuing a thin and comfortable body), and a package (longer and more closed). From a health point of view, the use of breathable membrane materials is essential for such structured care products.

As mentioned above, the ultimate breathability of diapers or sanitary napkins, the inherent properties of breathable membranes are the basis, but the structural design of personal hygiene products is key. Choosing a qualified and excellent gas permeable membrane is the first step, but it is also inseparable from the structure and quality of the product. In the process of choosing diapers and sanitary napkins, consumers should choose a big brand in order to prevent the ass from being uncomfortable by the unreasonable structure of the breathable membrane.